Basic Consulting

What’s Basic Consulting?

Basic Consulting is a program based on the 4 image consulting analyses: color analysis, figure analysis, face analysis and style analysis.

This culminates in the provision of a customized manual taking into account all the results of the analyses.

The final aim is to enhance your image and highlight your strengths, consistently with your reference style. 

Who’s this for?

  • Beginners of this field who want to enhance their image.

  • Who wants to feel more comfortable and self-confident.

  • Who want to find their style and turn it into perfectly fitting looks.

Basic Consulting

How does it work?

1. Analysis

  • Color analysis: I’ll analyze your shades by means of drapes and frames, and besides finding your reference season, I’ll identify all the colors enhancing your natural skin, creating a customized color palette with the relevant matches. After this, you’ll independently identify the colors that suit you best and in the creation of matches, with an introductory theoretical lesson on colors and Itten wheel.
  • Figure analysis: I’ll make some measurements to identify your reference body shape and your strengths. The aim is to enhance your figure with different apparels, from the jacket to the accessories.
  • Face analysis: I’ll define your face shape and point out any distinctive feature, providing advices to enhance it by means of suitable accessories, hairstyles and make up.
  • Style analysis: By means of a questionnaire we’ll find together your primary and (if any) secondary style. This is a crucial step for all the rest of the consulting service.

2. Customized manual

I’ll gather all the advices provided during the analysis in a customized manual, where you can view your customized palette, as well as the clothes, hairstyles, accessories and make up that best suit to your face, including three outfits for each season.

How long and where it takes place

A single 2-hour and a half session; at my studio.

What you get

A customized manual with style advices, your customized palette, some enhancing outfits according to the results of the analysis. 


290 euro

Gift Card

A perfect idea to astonish somebody with an unforgettable experience. Give a color analysis session, a comprehensive consulting prorgram or a day of personal shopping. Contact me for more info, we’ll think together about the perfect gift!

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